Tommy Butler




Francesco Graffis
First Tech Federal CU



Tami Benton
White River CU

Trena Johnson
Peninsula CU

Jessica Robinson

Kristin Pederson
America’s CU

Business Partner Rep

Tina Lein
ADESA Portland

*Open Position

Jodie Ellinger
PAR North America

Interested in becoming an Area Representative???

  An Area Representative is a voluntary position that enhances the goals and purposes of the Association by working with the Board.

  • The Area Representatives should attend Board Meetings, but may not vote.
  • They will be asked to volunteer as part of the Committees for the Association during the year and also assist at conference.
  • Perform such duties as may be designated by the President.
  • They will be under the direction of the Immediate Past President or other Executive Board Members as designated.
  • New Area Representatives may apply to join the association at the June Board Meeting following conference as well as at the January Board Meeting.
  • After serving for 2 years, Area Representatives may run for an Executive Board Member position.