Tommy Butler


Francesco Graffis
First Tech Federal CU

Mara Boston
NW Preferred Federal CU

Riann Robbins
Trailhead CU


Alexis Wharton
Olympia CU

Cami Nelson
Global CU

Norma McKittrick
Fibre CU

Patty Jackson

Roxann Bassett
Sound CU

Taci Prater
Great Northwest Federal CU

Kristin Pederson

Business Partner Rep

Brian Conger
Advanced Recovery

Jim Farr

Mike Asay
CU Collateral Services

Interested in becoming an Area Representative???

  An Area Representative is a voluntary position that enhances the goals and purposes of the Association by working with the Board.

  • The Area Representatives should attend Board Meetings, but may not vote.
  • They will be asked to volunteer as part of the Committees for the Association during the year and also assist at conference.
  • Perform such duties as may be designated by the President.
  • They will be under the direction of the Immediate Past President or other Executive Board Members as designated.
  • New Area Representatives may apply to join the association at the June Board Meeting following conference as well as at the January Board Meeting.
  • After serving for 2 years, Area Representatives may run for an Executive Board Member position.